Sunday, May 29, 2011


¨The use of ICT´s in the clasroom provides more dynamic and creative teaching-learning environment. I invite you to visit and collaborate to the development of the ICT´s as tools to improve and create knowledge on the TEFL classroom¨.


  1. God... I see what you're doing and consider my work far away from yours. This is something that cannot be explained with words but hugs... Cograts my dear. Your're a good example to follow

  2. Hello Diana,
    The situation in Simon Bolivar núcleo Litoral is what we have in almost all the universities nationwide. Everyday, we face this reality almost in every educational environment at different levels and it´s a pitty as we have so much to offer and share. Nevertheless, even if we promote the use of cell phones for educational purposes is a good starting point. Congratulations for your blog, it encourages eager and dynamism when we get into it. Let that be contagious,